Ben 10 Toys

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Ben 10 toys come from the hugely popular animated cartoon series brought to our TV screens from the children’s television network Cartoon network. Ben 10 originally started in December 2005 and is today one of the most popular children’s cartoons around.

Ben 10 or his real name Ben Tennyson was on a summer holiday with his family when he discovered the alien device known as the Omnitrix watch, firmly attaching itself to Bens wrist the watch gave him the power to transform into a number of different super powered alien forms. Each alien form comes with its own unique super powers that Ben uses to aid the planet earth in its struggle against the onslaught of super villains that threaten its existence.

Now in its 4th series the huge popularity of Ben amongst his army of child fans has given birth to a range of amazing Ben 10 toys, figures, clothing and bedroom gear. Each toy is carefully replicated from or based on the series and brings the imagination of the show to life for many youngsters.

Ben 10 toy Aliens:

Using Bens Omnitrix he can transform into any of the large array of alien forms available to him. During the first season there were 10 alien lifeforms featured including Heatblast, Diamondhead, XLR8, Grey Matter and stinkfly to name but a few, but now 4 seasons later Ben has access to up to 40 different super powered aliens. Each alien has been uniquely created in toy form to give fans the ability to recreate their favourite episodes and even their own adventures with Ben 10 and the toy selections.

Ben 10 villains

During Bens adventures he comes across a large number of villains that threaten his home planet earth that he must defeat in order to save the world. The most powerful and infamous is without a doubt Vilgax, an evil intergalactic warlord whose goal is to find and capture the Omnitrix to use for his own evil desires of conquering the galaxy. Again each prominent villain has been carefully recreated as a Ben 10 toy to allow children to save the world themselves. Take a look at the full range now.